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 “A 21st Century Link Wray” John Robb (Louder Than War)

"He really should know better....but I'm glad he doesn't" Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

The 2015 album 'The Lone Rager Plus Ultra' is still available. You can purchase from Bandcamp or iTunes.

"The Atari computer genius of 'Iron Eyes Cody' (along with 'Something For The Weakend') follows on where the last album left off ('In A Primitive State Of Neurotic Irresponsibility') mixing the guitar twang with the keyboard noodles yet it's on such tracks as the hypnotic 'Luncheon Vouchers' that you realise he's grown the template and fed it on a petri dish of eclectic, filtered dance with an edge of rock that is way outside the norm."

The 2013 album 'In A Primitive State Of Neurotic Irresponsibility' is still available. You can purchase from Bandcamp or iTunes.

"Will Crewdson is best known as guitarist/songwriter from glam punkers Rachel Stamp, as well as trusted sideman for Adam Ant and Johnette Napolitano, but he can also cook up an impressive racket on his own. Scant Regard is an unholy collision of Suicide, Link Wray and Ennio Morricone - what Crewdson dubs ‘Spaghettilectro’ - that kicks harder than one of Sister Sarah’s mules. Alongside surprisingly faithful covers of Kraftwerk and The Normal, the vicious riffage of ‘Kardinal Syn’ harbours the aggression of prime time NiN while the impressive ‘Misguided Missile’ is electronically-enhanced swamp blues filled with Western promise." 

The debut album, 'Burnt Pop Cycles' is also available from Bandcamp or iTunes.

“An electronica album that ranges from a David Arnold Bond-esque vibe to Kraftwerk through to atmospheric film scores that Ennio Morricone would be happy with”
“If Russ Meyer were alive today and released a nudie cutie spaghetti western with frenetic stagecoach chase sequences then Scant Regard's debut album Burnt Pop Cycles would provide the perfect soundtrack”

Scant Regard is the solo project of Will Crewdson, an extremely experienced guitarist who has been known to play with Adam Ant, Rachel Stamp, Bow Wow Wow, Flesh for Lulu, Dragons and Johnette Napolitano among many others. Scant Regard is a one-man tornado of sound and finds Will hellbent on fusing classic surf-style twanging guitars with an ingenious stream of electronic beats and sequences. If Kraftwerk and Link Wray collided, this would be as near to the result as you could get.